A Simple Favor

September 19, 2018


A Simple Favor – Overachiever, widowed stay-at-home mom Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) gives tips to other moms on her fairly successful vlog and is thrilled to be singled out as a friend to elegant, slightly mysterious, important job in the city mom Emily (Blake Lively). They share martinis and dark secrets. Stephanie develops a girl crush […]


September 10, 2018


Peppermint – After a crazy turn of events, a young father (Jeff Hephner) and his nine-year-old daughter (Carley Fleming) are killed by a gang of thugs. None are convicted because drug leader Diego Garcia (Juan Pablo Raba) is extremely powerful and feared by all. Mom Riley North (Jennifer Garner) is more than a little pissed […]

Operation Finale

August 29, 2018


Operation Finale – More than 15 years after the end of WW2, secret agents in Israel hear that Adolph Eichmann (Ben Kingsley), Hitler’s BFF, is living in Argentina. They piece together the evidence to be sure it’s really him and painstakingly prepare for his capture. For several members of the team, this is a highly […]

Crazy Rich Asians

August 19, 2018


Crazy Rich Asians – Nick Young (Henry Golding) wants to take his girlfriend Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) back home to Singapore to meet his family. Rachel is completely unaware that Nick’s family is outrageously rich and that they are considered royalty there. Eleanor Young (Michelle Yeoh), Nick’s mom, is a total snob and has forgotten […]

Mile 22

August 18, 2018


Mile 22 – Special Paramilitary Operatives James Silva (Mark Wahlberg) and Lauren Cohen (Alice Kerr)  , code names Mother and Child, she’s the mother and a tough one at that, accidentally take out a Russian safe house – it’s not pretty. Then they are tasked with stopping some radioactive “fear powder” (think Hiroshima and Nagasaki) […]

Eighth Grade

August 9, 2018


Eighth Grade – Kayla (Elsie Fisher) is a typical eighth grader with all the anxieties , insecurities , and zits that go with being 13 years old as well as a bratty attitude aimed at her overprotective dad (Josh Hamilton). Most of her time is spent on her phone, being self-focused and self-absorbed. She gives […]

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Mission Impossible: Fallout

July 30, 2018


Mission Impossible: Fallout – Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) has a new assignment should he decide to accept it. Get the plutonium back froma group known as The Apostles “Terrorists for Hire” led by a never-before-seen man known as John Lark. He’s backed up by his able team…IMF director Hunley (Alec Baldwin), Luther (Ving Rhames), Benji […]