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Molly’s Game

December 26, 2017


Molly’s Game – Based on the true story of former Olympic contender Molly Bloom (Jessica Chastain). After a skiing accident takes her out of the competition, Molly gets a job as assistant to a poker gamer (Jeremy Strong). She listens and learns so when he fires her, she’s one step ahead and starts her own […]

Hidden Figures

January 6, 2017


Hidden Figures – In the early 60’s at the height of the space race, just prior to transitioning to IBM mainframes, NASA used human computers to calculate trajectory and all that mathmatical stuff needed to get astronauts off the ground. Way in the background were three brilliant black women Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy […]

McFarland USA

February 21, 2015


McFarland, USA – The All-American sports story about Mexican-immigrants that won nine cross-country state championships in 14 years. In 1987, football Coach Jim White (Kevin Costner) is kind of banished to the poorest county in California where he notices some of the kids can run really fast. They see themselves as “pickers” with not much […]

Black Or White

February 12, 2015


Black Or White – It starts out flat and overacted and improves only a tad. Grandfather Elliot Anderson (Kevin Costner) and his wife have raised granddaughter Eloise (Jillian Estell) since their daughter died in childbirth. She was only 17 when 23 year-old Reggie (Andre Holland) impregnated her. Grandmother dies in car accident so “Papa” is […]

Draft Day

April 18, 2014


Draft Day – I know basically nothing about football and care even less, but I liked this movie. Kevin Costner (Sonny Weaver, Jr.) is following in his recently deceased dad’s footsteps as manager of the Cleveland Browns. The team hasn’t won in a long time. Sonny is angry and floundering, he has a pregnant girlfriend […]

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

January 17, 2014


Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – Young Jack Ryan (Chris Pine) is a Marine Lieutenant who is recruited by CIA’s Thomas Harper (Kevin Costner) soon after his helicopter is hit in Afghanistan and he’s left with a damaged spine.  He starts as an analyst, then is quickly inducted into operations in order to stop a terrorist […]

Man of Steel

June 21, 2013


Man of Steel – It’s Smallville on steroids with lots of destruction. A baby is born on Krypton, a planet that’s about to go bust because it’s used up its natural resources. The baby’s parents (Russell Crowe plays dad Jor-El) decide to inject baby Kal-El ‘s cells with a codex and send him to another […]