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November 8, 2015


Suffragette – London, 1912 – In an age when husbands were expected to speak for and control their wives, a 24-year-old laundry worker is accidentally brought into the Suffrage movement. Having worked full-time since she was 12, Maud Watts (Carey Mulligan) is now a wife and mother. After seeing her employer trying to force himself […]

Far From The Madding Crowd

May 24, 2015


Far From The Madding Crowd – Based on Thomas Hardy’s classic novel, you know this was written by a man when Bathsheba Everdene (Carey Mulligan) says “If I were to marry, I’d want someone to tame me.” Set in 1870 Dorset, England, after Ms. Everdene inherits her uncle’s large estate, she has men proposing to […]

Inside Llewyn Davis

January 12, 2014


Inside Llewyn Davis – Why would anyone want to mug a folksinger?  That’s the premise the Coen Brothers say they started with.   Inspired by a real songwriter’s gloomy life, it’s shot in grey tones. Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) is a down on his luck folksinger, bumming smokes and crashing with friends.  He sings in smoke-filled […]

The Great Gatsby

May 11, 2013


The Great Gatsby – It’s early 1920s and it’s party time.  It’s cars, clothes, dancing and decadence. Wall Street is rocking and rolling.  Money and champagne flow easily.   Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) gives the best parties of all.  Everyone in NYC shows up although many have never even met their host.  Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) […]

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps

September 26, 2010


For years, I’ve said Gordon Gekko’s statement “Greed is Good” in the 1987 Wall Street was the beginning of life imitating art and the downfall of WS. In this new version, Gekko (Michael Douglas) is seven years out of prison and on the circuit tour promoting his new book “Is Greed Good?” when he meets […]