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Red Sparrow

March 5, 2018


Red Sparrow – I’m not sure why but Russian prima ballerina Dominica (Jennifer Lawrence) gets her leg broken and then her Putin-like spy uncle (Matthias Schoenaerts) offers her a deal to help take care of her sick mother. Things go wrong and she is sent to what she refers to as “whore school.” She excels […]

Their Finest

April 25, 2017


Their Finest – Set in 1940s London, it’s a very 1940’s movie. The Ministry of War Department wants an authentic movie made, partly to inspire their troops and country; partly to enlist America’s help. Authentic was described as “real life with the boring cut out.” Catrin Cole (Gemma Atherton) gets hired as a scriptwriter at […]

The Man Who Knew Infinity

May 14, 2016


The Man Who Knew Infinity – Brilliant but poor mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan (Dev Patel) is brought to Cambridge with the help of Professor Hardy (Jeremy Irons). Hardy pushes Ramanujan to present proof of his theories and formulas rather than just knowing and feeling them intuitively. They form a deep friendship. Hardy is an atheist. Ramanujan […]


March 1, 2016


Race – In the 1930s when Hitler was in the midst of his horrendous craziness and the U.S. was considering boycotting the Olympics, a young black man named J.C. “Jesse” Owens (Stephan James) was just what was needed. The Nazis lumped Jews, blacks and dogs in the same category. Many Americans felt the same way […]

The Words

September 9, 2012


The Words – It’s a story within a story within a story.  Famous author Clay Hammond (Dennis Quaid) is reading from his latest book, talking about” the old man.”  Switch to Bradley Cooper (Rory Jansen), a struggling writer living off handouts from his dad, he and his gorgeous  girlfriend Dora (Zoe Saklana) plan their life.  […]

Margin Call

November 11, 2011


Margin Call – Outstanding cast, outstanding acting. It’s about an investment bank selling mortgage backed securities. I don’t pretend to understand completely how margin calls work and it appears these dudes didn’t either. They just know they’re making buckets of money. It’s 2008 and they’re in the midst of cleaning house when they let Stanley […]