April 14, 2017


Gifted – An uncle (Chris Evans) wants to raise his gifted niece Mary (McKenna Grace) as a normal kid, like her mom would have wanted. Grandmother (Lindsay Duncan) wants Mary to focus her entire life on using her brain for solving world mathematical problems. Both really only want what they think is best for the […]

Going In Style

April 13, 2017


Going In Style – After getting screwed out of their retirement pension and screwed by their mortgage banker which accepts no fiscal responsibility, three old friends decide to rob the bank and get what they deserve, but not a penny more. Willie (Morgan Freeman), Joe (Michael Caine), and Albert (Alan Arkin) figure they have nothing […]

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Boss Baby

April 2, 2017


Boss Baby – Tim Templeton (Miles Christopher Bakshi) is a perfectly happy little boy until a baby brother (Alec Baldwin) arrives by taxi. Tim seems to be the only one that thinks a baby wearing a suit, carrying a briefcase and that can talk, is a little unusual. Eventually Boss Baby admits to Tim that […]

The Zookeeper’s Wife

April 1, 2017


The Zookeeper’s Wife – Lions, tigers, elephants, camels, monkeys. That alone is reason enough to see the movie. An amazing zoo in Warsaw, Poland, 1939, is taken over by slightly-mad Nazi Chief Zoologist Lutz Heck (Daniel Bruhl). He convinces co-owner Antonio Zabinski (Jessica Chastain) he wants to save their prize stock (kind of like keeping […]

The Last Word

March 30, 2017


The Last Word – Contemplating the end of her life, as 80-somethings are wont to do, Harriet Lauler (Shirley MacLaine) decides to control the outcome of her obituary as she’s controlled everything else in her life. Obituary writer Anne Sherman (Amanda Seyfried) is coerced into fulfilling Ms. Lauler’s wishes but she can’t find a single […]

Beauty and the Beast

March 18, 2017


Beauty and the Beast – You know the story – about a prince (Dan Stevens) who’s not as compassionate as he should be gets turned into a beaast until he learns to love properly and Belle (Emma Watson), a beautiful village girl, who’s considered peculiar because she likes to read. As a musical, it beats […]


March 12, 2017


Kedi – Who’d a’ thought a documentary about cats roaming the streets of Istanbul could be so entertaining? Residents there seem to feel the cats are part of their town’s soul. They take care of the cats when they show up but allow them to travel and live on their own outside their homes. Apparently […]