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Instant Family

December 2, 2018


Instant Family – A 40ish couple, Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne), decide maybe they do want kids and go to a foster family fair. They stumble through orientation foot in mouth. Pete suggests calling them “rescue kids” which would get more attention than “foster kids.” Ellie laughs when a white single mom wants […]

Mile 22

August 18, 2018


Mile 22 – Special Paramilitary Operatives James Silva (Mark Wahlberg) and Lauren Cohen (Alice Kerr)  , code names Mother and Child, she’s the mother and a tough one at that, accidentally take out a Russian safe house – it’s not pretty. Then they are tasked with stopping some radioactive “fear powder” (think Hiroshima and Nagasaki) […]

All The Money In The World

December 26, 2017


All The Money In The World – All the money in the world was apparently still not enough for John Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer) . Sometimes you liked him, most times you didn’t and not just because he wouldn’t pay out $17 million ransom for his favorite grandson Paul/Paolo (Charlie Plummer – no relation). As […]

Deepwater Horizon

October 1, 2016


Deepwater Horizon – The day started off wrong. Mike Williams’ (Mark Wahlberg) precocious daughter’s class project exploded before he left for work. A BP visitor was wearing a magenta tie, very bad color for oil rigs. A bird crashed into their small plane on way out to platform. Tests showed there was a problem, but […]

Ted 2

July 2, 2015


Ted 2 – This finds Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) newly married to Tami Lynn (Jessica Barth). Best friend John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) is now divorced, no longer interested in female companionship other than what he gets from porn sites. The story line goes a bit all over the place. There’s an opening song and […]

The Gambler

January 4, 2015


The Gambler – I’m not sure whether to call Jim Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) a gambling fool or a fool who gambles. An associate professor of English Literature by day, at night he inhabits underground gambling casinos. He wins and wins until he loses. He’s in major debt to a couple of loan sharks and when […]

2 Guns

August 3, 2013


2 Guns – Instead of the good guys against the bad guys, this is the bad guys against the badder guys.  Denzel Washington (Bobby T) and Mark Wahlberg (Michael “Stig” Stigman) partnered up to rob a bank, neither knowing the other is undercover.  Bobby is a DEA agent and Stig, with a penchant for winking, […]