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The 15:17 to Paris

February 12, 2018


The 15:17 To Paris – Based on the true story of three young Americans, Spencer, Alek and Anthony, who became real life heroes, and who play themselves in this movie. Their friendship began in the principal’s office in grade school. They were not fans of rules. They loved playing soldiers, so much so that both Spencer […]


September 10, 2016


Sully – “This is the captain. Brace for impact.” Words you never want to hear but on January 14, 2009, passengers on US Airways 1549 received that warning minutes before their plane landed on the cold Hudson River. Even though we all know how it turned out, Clint Eastwood has managed to make a very […]

American Sniper

January 18, 2015


American Sniper – Raised by a flag waving, bible thumping, gun toting dad, Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) believes it’s his God-given duty to protect his country. After 9/11 he trains to become a SEAL. In short order, he earns the nickname Legend. Fighting in a country that uses women and children as suicide bombers, he […]

Trouble With The Curve

September 29, 2012


Trouble With The Curve – Clint Eastwood (Gus Lobel) is an aging,  make that old,  baseball scout who eats pizza and beer for breakfast, and has no use for today’s technology in evaluating and discovering new talent.  His employers think he’s past his prime and are watching him closely to make sure he doesn’t screw […]

J. Edgar

November 12, 2011


J. Edgar – You know if Clint Eastwood is anywhere around a movie, I’ll be there. Whether in front of or behind a camera, the man is good. Here, Leo DiCaprio portrays J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI for over 40 years, I think. When I was much younger, they were one and the […]


October 22, 2010


Two words that will get me to a movie every time – Clint Eastwood. And when you throw in “psychic”, wild horses couldn’t keep me away. This though is not your daddy’s Clint Eastwood movie. Take a tsunami, a kid killed by a car, and an Italian cooking class and try to connect them. Matt […]