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Boy Erased

November 22, 2018


Boy Erased – Based on a true story, a teenage boy, Jared Eamons (Lucas Hedges) finds the boy-girl thing just doesn’t work for him. His domineering father (Russell Crowe) is a Baptist preacher and successful auto dealership owner. Mom (Nicole Kidman) is the meek, smidgen of trashy- looking, deferring to her husband, wife. They put […]

Red Sparrow

March 5, 2018


Red Sparrow – I’m not sure why but Russian prima ballerina Dominica (Jennifer Lawrence) gets her leg broken and then her Putin-like spy uncle (Matthias Schoenaerts) offers her a deal to help take care of her sick mother. Things go wrong and she is sent to what she refers to as “whore school.” She excels […]


November 26, 2016


Loving – Based on the true story of a drag-racing, white country boy (Joel Edgerton) from rural Virginia and a shy black girl (Ruth Negga) who drive to Washington, D.C. to get married. Neither of their families minded too much that Richard and Mildred were dating, but marriage was a whole ‘nother story. Someone reported […]

Jane Got A Gun

February 3, 2016


Jane Got A Gun – It’s a Western with the impossibly beautiful Natalie Portman (Jane Hammond). The Bishop gang, headed up by John Bishop (Ewan McGregor), is after Jane’s outlaw husband (Noah Emmerich) and they wouldn’t mind catching up with Jane to take her back to their cat house. She has to ask ex-fiancé Dan […]

Black Mass

September 25, 2015


Black Mass – James “Whitey” Bulger as played by Johnny Depp is one nasty piece of work. He started out as a vicious small time mobster who loves his family. After his young son dies, any decency he may have had goes to hell. FBI Agent John Connolly (Joel Edgerton), who grew up with Bulger […]

The Great Gatsby

May 11, 2013


The Great Gatsby – It’s early 1920s and it’s party time.  It’s cars, clothes, dancing and decadence. Wall Street is rocking and rolling.  Money and champagne flow easily.   Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) gives the best parties of all.  Everyone in NYC shows up although many have never even met their host.  Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) […]

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

August 31, 2012


The Odd Life of Timothy Green- A sweet little story about a couple, Cindy (Jennifer Garner) and Jim Green (Joel Edgerton), who after trying for years to have a baby are told it’s not ever going to happen.  They then make up a list of the attributes their child would have, put the list in a […]