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The Post

January 12, 2018


The Post – When you pair Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks directed by Steven Spielberg, you get what you expect. Pure entertainment. After her husband’s suicide, Kay Graham (Streep) is now publisher of her father’s newspaper. It’s a man’s world and she struggles with her duty to her friends, her duty to the shareholders, and […]

The Circle

May 2, 2017


The Circle – Mae Holland (Emma Watson) is so excited when, thanks to her friend Annie (Karen Gillan), she gets a job at a high tech company where all the employees are young and hip in a nerdish kind of way. The Circle’s latest invention is a camera that can be everywhere and see everything. […]


October 30, 2016


Inferno – Professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) wakes up in a hospital in Florence, Italy, with no memory of how he got there. He has a hell of a headache and visions of rivers of blood, fire and a woman in black. All of a sudden the police come in shooting and Langdon’s pretty doctor […]


September 10, 2016


Sully – “This is the captain. Brace for impact.” Words you never want to hear but on January 14, 2009, passengers on US Airways 1549 received that warning minutes before their plane landed on the cold Hudson River. Even though we all know how it turned out, Clint Eastwood has managed to make a very […]

A Hologram For The King

April 29, 2016


A Hologram For The King – The reason you probably haven’t heard much about this Tom Hanks’ movie is that it’s not very good. Hanks plays Alan Clay, an IT salesman sent to Saudi Arabia to sell a holographic teleconference system. He’s given a major runaround and ends up staying a lot longer than expected. […]

Bridge of Spies

October 17, 2015


Bridge of Spies- James Donovan (Tom Hanks) is an ordinary insurance lawyer when he gets tasked with defending accused Russian spy Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance) during the Cold War period. He’s the kind of man who stands up for the principles of the United States of America no matter the outside pressure he receives. If […]

Saving Mr. Banks

December 21, 2013


Saving Mr. Banks – This is billed as a family movie but I really can’t see most kids getting much out of it.  It’s a background story of how the book Mary Poppins came to be a movie.  It begins with the magical feel of Disneyland and has more than a few humorous moments but […]