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The Equalizer 2

July 21, 2018


The Equalizer 2 – Now retired and moonlighting as a Lyft driver, Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) continues righting wrongs and kicking butt. Listening in as riders talk on their phones, he gets small glimpses into their lives. When friend and former colleague Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo) is attacked and murdered, he goes on a hunt […]

London Has Fallen

March 5, 2016


London Has Fallen – Heads of state from around the world are attending the funeral for England’s prime minister. Security is heavy, everyone is on guard. All hell breaks loose. Cops are shooting cops. Buckminster Palace guards are shooting their own. Five world leaders are down but the one they really, really want is POTUS […]

The Big Short

December 24, 2015


The Big Short – How can you take a book about the dull mortgage banking industry’s unscrupulous practices and turn it into an entertaining movie? You pair director Adam McKay with a slew of top actors, and use people like Chef Anthony Bourdain to describe collateralized debt obligation aka CDOs by comparing them to three-day-old […]

The Equalizer

September 27, 2014


The Equalizer – Remember the TV show with that British dude back in the mid 80s? Well, Denzel Washington takes over the part of Robert McCall, former probably-CIA who is now working in a Home Depot-like store. He helps a young co-worker, Ralphie (Johnny Skourtis), lose weight so he can become a security guard. He […]


November 4, 2012


Flight – Don’t you just love Denzel?  Age has taken a bit of the pretty off him, but he still has that smile.  This is a movie about addiction.  Alcohol, cocaine, and stuff that I don’t have a clue about.  It starts off with a little T&A.  Denzel Washington as Capt. Whip Whitaker, is a […]

7 Days in Utopia

September 7, 2011


A movie about God and golf. Lucas Black plays Luke Chisolm, an up and coming golfer who completely loses it at a game one day in front of TV cameras. Apparently his father’s criticisms over the years has reached a head and he storms off the course, drives away, and ends up at a ranch […]