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Black Mass

September 25, 2015


Black Mass – James “Whitey” Bulger as played by Johnny Depp is one nasty piece of work. He started out as a vicious small time mobster who loves his family. After his young son dies, any decency he may have had goes to hell. FBI Agent John Connolly (Joel Edgerton), who grew up with Bulger […]


January 24, 2015


Mortdecai – Oh, dear, this is positively dreadful. Johnny Depp’s character of Lord Charlie Mortdecai is absolutely ridiculous. He uses this phony “uppah clahss” accent that comes off as just silly. Jock (Paul Bettany) is his manservant who’s willing to take a bullet for him. He mainly appears pained and constipated. Gwyneth Paltrow looks lovely […]

Dark Shadows

May 16, 2012


Dark Shadows – I’ve never been a big fan of Tim Burton and vampires are way down on my list of faves, so why did I go see this movie?  Oh, yeah, Johnny Depp.  Well, even the talented Mr. Depp cannot save this silly, tedious story.   Back in the 1700’s, the very wealthy Barnabas Collins […]

The Rum Diary

November 3, 2011


The Rum Diary – Johnny Depp does his usual fine acting job as Kemp, a journalist-wanna-be-novelist new to Puerto Rico who likes to drink. The story was written by Hunter S. Thompson and is probably based somewhat on his own life. Although entertaining, it’s a bit thin on information and just lightly touches on the […]

Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides

May 24, 2011


Captain Jack Sparrow is on a quest to find the Fountain of Youth (and who isn’t). He gets both assistance and resistance from some king’s men and a couple of old queens – it’s the eyeliner, Jack. The ultra-sexy Penelope Cruz, several months pregnant in case you didn’t know, charmingly teases him so that he’s […]


March 6, 2011


Rango (Johnny Depp) is this lizard living in the desert and working on his acting skills when he meets an armadillo who urges him to go on a quest to get to the other side, metaphorically speaking. He ends up in a town called Dirt with a water shortage. After tossing back a few shots […]

The Tourist

December 13, 2010


It appears that Angelina Jolie (Elise Ward) is going to make a man out of Johnny Depp (Frank Tupelo) by changing him from a meek, mild-mannered math teacher into the kind of guy she wants, but he may have some surprises in store for her. They meet on a train, thanks to Alexander Pierce, who […]