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Home Again

September 10, 2017


Home Again – Starting out, I’m thinking um, a little dull. Alice (Reese Witherspoon) has two precocious daughters (Lola Flanery, who btw is drop dead gorgous for a 12 year old, & Eden Grace Redfield), she’s separated from husband (Michael Sheen) and gets wasted with two girlfriends and three 20-something dudes while celebrating her 40th […]


December 24, 2016


Passengers – Starship Avalon is on a 120-year trip headed to another planet with 5,000 passengers scheduled to wake up shortly before arrival. Ooops, 30 years in, one of the hibernation pods malfunctions and Jim (Chris Pratt) is awake. A year later, Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) is awakened – I won’t tell you how. After exhausting […]

Rules Don’t Apply

November 25, 2016


Rules Don’t Apply – In 1964 Hollywood, Howard Hughes (Warren Beatty) apparently kept starlets by the dozens on his payroll, and apparently bedded a number of them. He had a lot of rules for them and his other employees. This is the story of his later years which shows how brilliant he was and also […]

The 33

November 15, 2015


The 33 – Remember several years ago how thrilling and emotional it was when you heard that all 33 of the Chilean miners were rescued after two months of being trapped underground. This is a close look at what they went through and how they managed to stay alive on three days’ worth of food. […]

The Amazing Spiderman

July 4, 2012


The Amazing Spiderman – And it is kind of amazing.  Little Spidey aka young Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is left with Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) and Aunt May (Sally Field) when his parents covertly take off with no explanation.  Now a teenager he finds his father’s  briefcase containing a formula on cross species genetics and […]