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The Upside

January 25, 2019


The Upside – Super rich quadriplegic Philip Lacasse (Bryan Cranston) hires recently paroled Dell Scott (Kevin Hart) as his caretaker. In the beginning, Cranston looks dazed and Hart has a pained, confused look with a touch of anger. It takes a while but the guys begin to bond. They get high. Dell hires a couple […]

Last Flag Flying

December 3, 2017


Last Flag Flying – Larry “Doc” Shepard (Steve Carell) recruits two Vietnam-era Marine buddies Sal (Bryan Cranston) and Richard (Laurence Fishburne) to help him collect his son’s body from Dover Air Force Base. Doc was told his son died a hero in Iraq. A young Marine (J. Quinton Johnson) admits Larry, Jr. was just buying […]

Why Him?

December 24, 2016


Why Him? – It’s R rated, I’ll just tell you that right up front. Language – a lot of f’ing going on – and some light backside nudity; balanced out with diversity – Asians, blacks, and nerds. Laird (James Franco) is a tattooed millionaire, wearing pants down to there, who’s just a big kid with […]

The Infiltrator

July 19, 2016


The Infiltrator – Undercover agent Robert “Bob” Mazur/Musella (Bryan Cranston) becomes real friendly with drug linchpins in order to help them launder money and eventually take them down. Based on a true story and set in 1980s Florida, it has some very intense moments. It’s a lowlife world of drugs, sleazy folks, and strip joints […]


November 27, 2015


Trumbo – The story of Dalton Trumbo (Bryan Cranston of TV’s Breaking Bad), a major Hollywood screenwriter in the 40s and 50s, who was blacklisted along with several others for being members of the CPUSA. Mainly he was an advocate for workers’ rights. These government types felt that movies were the “most powerful influence” on […]


October 13, 2012


Argo – Remember the Iranian hostage crisis back in 1979 when the Canadians got six US Embassy employees safely home?    Islamic militants mob the embassy and take 50 some hostages, six get away and are hidden by Canada’s ambassador.  CIA’s Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) comes to town acting as a movie maker and sneaks the […]