Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Posted on July 17, 2018


Won’t You Be My Neighbor – A documentary of the man (Fred Rogers) behind the legendary children’s show. The ordained minister saw an opportunity when television was first coming of age to use it as a learning tool for children. His thought was “What we see and hear on the screen is what we become.” He wanted it to be used for good and to teach two main things: love your neighbor and love yourself.


Mister Rogers seemed almost too good to be true. He was a sweet soul and a gentle man who cared deeply. Because of that, it was sometimes rumored that he might be gay. But who knew – Officer Clemmons (Francois Clemmons) really was gay and was forced to keep it in the closet.


How nice it would be if more people wanted to make goodness attractive and make a snappy new day! The movie does make you want to be a better person.


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