Posted on May 25, 2018


RBG – Wow, who knew this little lady did so much to help erase sex based discrimination? Using the advice her mama gave her “Be a lady and be independent”, Ruth Baden-Ginsburg became a lawyer in the 50s when women were second class citizens. Her focus was on equality for all. She had a brilliant mind and won several important gender cases.

Appointed to the Supreme Court by President Clinton back in 1993 when she was almost 60 years old, she’s apparently become sort of a hero to a lot of young folks now, and deservedly so.

This documentary is quite the history lesson. It also tells of RBG’s highly successful marriage to Marty Ginsburg. There are appearances by Gloria Steinem, Nina Totenberg and Notorious BIG.

It’s a winner. There was even a smattering of applause from the audience. Nevertheless, she should still retire as should a few others.


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