Book Club

Posted on May 18, 2018


Book Club – Four long-time friends, Diane, a widow (Diane Keaton) Vivian, a successful business woman who chooses to be single (Jane Fonda) , Sharon, a divorced federal judge (Candice Bergen) and Carol, married with the flame dimming (Mary Steenburgen) have shared their lives , drank wine and read books together for 40 years. When they decide to read the poorly written, but apparently exciting for some “Fifty Shades of Grey” book – their lives begin to change.

Diane meets a delicious pilot (Andy Garcia) even though her overly-protective daughters think her life is over and she should move to their basement. Vivian reconnects with former lover (Don Johnson). The very straight-laced Sharon decides to try online dating and Carol uses viagra to perk up her non-existent love life with husband (Craig T. Nelson).

This will appeal to the over-50 age group. It’s cute, it’s fun and sometimes very funny. Somewhat predictable but enjoyable overall. Loved when Carol tap danced to “I Would Do Anything For Love….” Their book club is different from both of mine in that they wear heels and have fancier hors d’oeuvres. Gorgeous homes.

Lots of fillers and botox going on. Keaton’s face seemed the least tampered with. Fonda’s is a bit fake looking but very, very well done. Her body is amazing. Bergen is several pounds over her best weight. And Steenburgen just looked good.

Enjoy with your fellow book-clubbers.