Lean On Pete

Posted on May 16, 2018


Lean on Pete – Charley (Charlie Plummer) is 15 and his home life is not great. His dad Ray (Travis Fimmel) admits to being a loser, but he tries. Well, not really. Charley gets a job with an old horseman named Del (Steve Buscemi) and becomes attached to one of his horses named “Lean On Pete”. Del treats Charley pretty good most of the time but is not so nice to his horses. Neither is his jockey, Bonnie, (Chloe Sevigny). Racing is just a business to them and they don’t mind cheating at it.

After Ray dies and when Del is ready to turn Pete into glue, Charley steals the horse and takes off on a journey from Oregon to Wyoming to find his Aunt Margy (Alison Elliott). Along the way he learns several lessons and hardens up. But inside he’s still just a kid who needs someone to care for him.


There’s not a lot of talk and not a lot of action. It’s more feeling and empathizing. Words from the last song “I am that mountain way up high. I am that star in the sky. I am the greatest.”