The Leisure Seeker

Posted on May 12, 2018


The Leisure Seeker – Wanting to escape their illnesses and their overly-attentive grown-up children, (Christain McKay and Jonel Moloney) Ella and John Spencer (Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland) get in their old RV for a long dreamed of trip to the Hemingway House in Florida.

Even though it’s 2016, they stop at a Stuckey’s where an attendant pumps their gas. Who knew that was still a thing. They meet a variety of folks along the way as they try to recapture old memories of their younger lives. John goes in and out of remembering. Ella pops pills for her pain. Sometimes it’s terribly funny, like LOL funny. Sometimes it’s a touch sad especially John’s unreasonable jealousy over a former boyfriend (Dick Gregory) who’s in an old folks home.

From Boston to Key West, the movie shows that Ameria is indeed beautiful. But Ella and John end up at a place none of us want to visit even though they handle it on their own terms with Janis Joplin singing in the background.


Why Rotten Tomatoes gave this such a low score is beyond me. Granted, it was not Mirren’s best acting but Sutherland was quite good. I guess the subject matter is something most people just aren’t ready to face.  Too bad we can’t stay young, pretty and healthy all our lives.