The Hero

Posted on July 15, 2017


The Hero – For you ladies that think Sam Elliott is all that and a bag of tricks, well, he’s still got it. That immediately recognizable voice, the twinkling eyes….

Here he’s Lee Hayden, an actor still famous for a Western movie made 40 years ago, with an ex-wife (Katharine Ross) and an estranged daughter (Krysten Ritter). He lives in a beautiful beach home with the Pacific Coast in his backyard and spends most of his time with former co-star (Nick Offerman) smoking weed. In one scene where he’s pretty stoned, you get the feeling he’s had some prior experience with doobies. Then two things show up in his life. A 37-year old girlfriend (Laura Prepon) and a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

It’s an artsy film, premiered at Sundance, and feels very fitting for Mr. Elliott and his career. Mentions a couple of my favorite Edna St. Vincent Mallay poems: “But, ah…. it gives a lovely light” and “I shall die but that is all I shall do for Death.”

Small role by Max Gail – remember Wojo from Barney Miller.