Megan Leavey

Posted on June 15, 2017


Megan Leavey – Based on a true story. Megan (Kate Mara… looking and acting like a younger Sandra Bullock) is aimless after her best friend ODs and decides to join the Marines. She gets K9 kennel duty after she’s caught peeing in the provost marshall’s yard – it was late, she didn’t know. She decides she wants to be a dog handler and ends up with Rex, the baddest dog in town. It takes a while for them to bond. Megan is the only female in a unit and gets sent on missions even though female handlers are just supposed to do checkpoints. Working together, she and Rex are able to save hundreds maybe thousands of lives.

Gunnery Sergeant Martin keeps Megan on track – I kept thinking “I really like this guy.” Well, duh, it’s Common. Great cast. Her mom is Edie Falco. Her dad is Bradley Whitford. Her love interest is Ramon Rodriguez.

Like a lot of movies, it could have been ten minutes shorter. But it’s custom made for all you dog lovers.  Rex is one smart dog.