The Circle

Posted on May 2, 2017


The Circle – Mae Holland (Emma Watson) is so excited when, thanks to her friend Annie (Karen Gillan), she gets a job at a high tech company where all the employees are young and hip in a nerdish kind of way.

The Circle’s latest invention is a camera that can be everywhere and see everything. Even though it appears obvious there’s a lot of cult-like thinking, robot-like behavior, and major Big Brother-ism going on, Mae gets caught up in the energetic hype that all possible human experience is a basic human right. She decides to be the first fully transparent person – think reality TV on steroids. Every inch of her life is on view to the world. She becomes a star for The Circle.

Chinks begin to appar when she unintentionally captures her parents (Glenna Headly and Bill Paxton) in a very private moment. After a tragedy occurs with her best friend Mercer (Ellar Coltrane), she realizes too much openness can be not only harmful but deadly. In the end, she works to use technology as a means to help and heal rather than invade and steal.

Tom Hanks is Bailey, the “Mark Zuckerberg” of The Circle, with Patton Oswalt as his number two man. The Circle seems very futuristic, as in just next week or even tomorrow. Watch it and learn.