Their Finest

Posted on April 25, 2017


Their Finest – Set in 1940s London, it’s a very 1940’s movie. The Ministry of War Department wants an authentic movie made, partly to inspire their troops and country; partly to enlist America’s help. Authentic was described as “real life with the boring cut out.” Catrin Cole (Gemma Atherton) gets hired as a scriptwriter at a time women are just starting to realize they are as capable as men. She helps bring it all together while trying to be a good “wife” to artist Ellis (Jack Huston) and yet appreciating co-worker Buckley’s (Sam Claflin) friendship.

Bill Nighy is just oh so wonderful as the haughty, aging actor – he thinks he can still play the film’s hero. Catrin convinces him he’s perfect as Uncle Frank.

There’s a teeny bit of Coen Brothers feel about it. Some beautiful scenery. Smoking looks cool. A dog and a gay person (Rachael Stirling) bring it in to today. Jake Lacy plays a toothy American with no acting ability whatsoever. Jeremy Irons has a small part. Different style of movie, but I really liked it.