Posted on April 14, 2017


Gifted – An uncle (Chris Evans) wants to raise his gifted niece Mary (McKenna Grace) as a normal kid, like her mom would have wanted. Grandmother (Lindsay Duncan) wants Mary to focus her entire life on using her brain for solving world mathematical problems. Both really only want what they think is best for the child and both are partially right. They just need to find the perfect compromise.

McKenna Grace is so cute as the little genius you can easily forgive her for being a touch smart alecky. She drapes herself over her uncle like a cat, and the looks she gives, like when she finds her teacher Bonnie (Jenny Slate) coming out of Uncle Frank’s bedroom, are priceless. One of the best parts is when Frank takes Mary to the hospital to await a child’s birth to show her the joy that was felt when she was born – super cool.

Very good story and some very good acting: Octavia Spencer with her regal stance and Don’t-Give-Me-None-of-Your-Stuff attitude; John M. Jackson as the judge (remember JAG); and lawyer Glenn Plummer.

Pretty sure Evans is not wearing underwear and he poses so it’s kind of hard to keep your eyes off his, uh, jeans.