Boss Baby

Posted on April 2, 2017


Boss Baby – Tim Templeton (Miles Christopher Bakshi) is a perfectly happy little boy until a baby brother (Alec Baldwin) arrives by taxi. Tim seems to be the only one that thinks a baby wearing a suit, carrying a briefcase and that can talk, is a little unusual. Eventually Boss Baby admits to Tim that he’s with Baby Corp. and is trying to stop the proliferation of puppies since people care more for them than they do for babies. (Ain’t that the truth?)
Tim agrees to help Boss Baby put a stop to PuppyCo and afterwards BB will let Tim continue as an only child. It’s a long way to the convention in Las Vegas but they get some help from Elvis impersonators. Pretty cute movie with enough grown up jokes so you can leave the kids at home. It does have violence, all done in animation, of course. Tim and BB are both adorable and just watch them suck a binkie.
Not sure if it was intentional, but there were several things that reminded me of Trump, including some of BB’s mannerisms and surrounding himself with yes-men; a couple of “you’re fired’s”; and when they mentioned a formula that Baby Corp. babies drank so they could stay big babies forever, I thought so that must be what he’s drinking.