The Zookeeper’s Wife

Posted on April 1, 2017


The Zookeeper’s Wife – Lions, tigers, elephants, camels, monkeys. That alone is reason enough to see the movie. An amazing zoo in Warsaw, Poland, 1939, is taken over by slightly-mad Nazi Chief Zoologist Lutz Heck (Daniel Bruhl). He convinces co-owner Antonio Zabinski (Jessica Chastain) he wants to save their prize stock (kind of like keeping the animals with blond hair and blue eyes). Husband Dr. Jan Zabinski (Johann Heldenbergh) is not so sure of Heck’s motives.
Too late they realize what’s happening. After turning the zoo into a pig farm, ostensibly to help feed the Nazi soldiers, they begin transporting Jews by hiding them under the garbage used for pig food. Adults and children are secreted away in their basement for days, weeks, months.
The horror of a little girl being raped Children thinking it’s snowing when it’s actually ashes in the air from incineration chambers. This is based on a true story. You’re holding your breath afraid someone is going to make a sound, and praying that we will never let this happen again.