Beauty and the Beast

Posted on March 18, 2017


Beauty and the Beast – You know the story – about a prince (Dan Stevens) who’s not as compassionate as he should be gets turned into a beaast until he learns to love properly and Belle (Emma Watson), a beautiful village girl, who’s considered peculiar because she likes to read.

As a musical, it beats the pants off La La Land. The costumes are spectacular; Belle’s yellow gown is princess worthy. All the animated characters – the clock, the candelabra, the teapot and cup, the wardrobe – are enchanting. Outstanding cast. Papa (Kevin Kline) has a face off with some wild animals. Gaston (Luke Evans) looks all Robert-Gouletish and Le Feu (Josh Gad) is the perfect sidekick.

I have to admit I liked the prince better when he was the beast. I think Belle did too – that’s why she suggested he grow a beard. Grab your tiara and all the little ones before you head out to see it. That Alabama town doesn’t know what it’s missing.