Posted on March 12, 2017


Kedi – Who’d a’ thought a documentary about cats roaming the streets of Istanbul could be so entertaining? Residents there seem to feel the cats are part of their town’s soul. They take care of the cats when they show up but allow them to travel and live on their own outside their homes. Apparently it is said that cats know the existence of God and believe humans are the conduit from God to them. It is also thought that cats absorb negative energy.

The narration verges on poetic and there’s a little bit of a spiritual feel as you tour this beautiful seaside city in Turkey. This is a movie for all you cat lovers. Even if, like me, you’re indifferent to them, you might like it. It almost made me want to get a cat. Not really – soon as I got outside, the desire went away.

I do wish film makers would learn that white type on a white or light background is very difficult to read.