John Wick – Chapter 2

Posted on February 10, 2017


John Wick – Chapter 2 – Cars and motorcycles. Cash and coke. A dozen autos pulverized, a dozen men annihilated. And that’s just in the prelude. John Wick is back and badder than the baddest. Minutes after stashing his weapons, Wick is called back to assassin-mode by Santino D’Antonio’s (Ricardo Scamarcio) who won’t take no for an answer. He wants John to kill his sister.

You will not believe the impossible things Wick does- he holds off dozens of men at a time and one girl you want to fight like. She ends up dead, of course, but she gives it a great shot.
Partof this is a blast, part is extremely violent but just keep telling yourself it’s not real. Keanu has modeled Wick on my hero, Clint Eastwood. He has the stare, the speech pattern sounding tight and controlled with more than a hint of dangerous; he’s even beginning to look a little like him.

I think this movie will take the box office this weekend. Loved both Common, Lawrence Fishburne and Lance Reddick in it. Look for Chapter 3 in future.