The Space Between Us

Posted on February 4, 2017


The Space Between Us – Because Astronaut Sarah Elliot (Janet Montgomery) “behaved irresponsibly”, she finds that she’s pregnant shortly after landing on Mars for a four-year stay. Those in charge decide to keep it a secret from the world. After Sarah dies during childbirth, her son Gardner is raised by the scientists on the red planet. Now 16 and super smart, Gardner (Asa Butterfield) wants desperately to go to Earth to find his father. He built a robot so he could have a best friend and he has an online relationship with Tulsa (Britt Robertson), a cynical high school student. After eventually getting to Earth, he is amazed by what he experiences – water, fire, flying and driving. But his time there will not last.

A lot of the movie seems to plod along. It only amps up when the two teens get together. Their relationship adds some fun and sweetness. Tulsa though is just too much everything for a teenager, including her knack for stealing cars. Overall, it’s a bit of a yawn. Some beautiful scenery – the colors seem intensified – and some good music.