The Comedian

Posted on February 4, 2017


The Comedian – If you like vulgar, low class, bottom feeding humor then you might like this. It stars Robert DeNiro as Jackie “Yakoff” – ha ha – Berk, previous star of sitcom, trying to make it as a stand up comic. His jokes are lame, offensive, hurtful. Interestingly, he out-politically-incorrects Trump by a landslide.

An ensemble cast featuring Danny DeVito (we know he can be downright nasty, just never expected DeNiro to sink that low), Patti LuPone, Edie Falco, Leslie Mann as Harmony, Harvey Keitel, Cloris Leachman (who delivers one of the best lines and it’s not even that great) and others as themselves, like JJ Walker, Hannibal Buress, Billy Crystal, Brett Butler, Gilbert Gottfried, Bobby Rydell, etc. makes up the worst movie of the century so far.

They try to legitimize it by making a baby between Jackie and Harmony. All that creates is a foul-mouthed 7 year old. Save yourself some sorrow and skip this.

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