Posted on January 27, 2017


Gold – Close to destroying his dad’s (Craig T. Nelson) mining company, Kenny Wells (Matthew McConaughey) has a dream about finding gold in Indonesia. He teams up with geologist Michael Acosta (Edgar Ramirez). Waking up after a two-week bout of malaria, Acosta tells Wells they’ve indeed found a gold mine. Wells uses all his money and gets his friends to invest. Soon, they’re rolling in the dough and Wall Street comes a’calling. This is where it gets a little complicated.

Turning down an offer of $300 million because Wall Street wants to eliminate the company name, the military comes in and takes over the whole mine operation. Wells makes a deal with the Indonesian government and he’s back on top. At least for a little bit.

Drinking PBR and smoking Winstons, McConaughey makes himself into a balding , pot-bellied, unattractive sloppy drunk. And he has this funky front tooth that seems to get bigger. I like him better when he’s prettier, but Ramirez takes up the slack. There are a couple of laugh out loud moments, not including the times when MM is in his tighty whiteys.