20th Century Women

Posted on January 21, 2017


20th Century Women – In 1979 California with punk music and Jimmy Carter on the way out, young Jamie (Lucas Zumann) is being taught how to become a man by three women. Dorothea, his mom (Annette Bening) thinks she needs help to guide him – she’s 55 to his 15 – and enlists the aid of 17 year old slightly slutty Julie (Elle Fanning) and 25 year old feminist photographer Abbie (Greta Gerwig). Jamie thinks mom could use some help in upgrading her life – she smokes Salem because they are healthier – she even smokes while she’s trying to meditate and hasn’t had a man in several years, not that she needs one. She’s got friends, a cat and her son. Billy Crudup is William, he’s earthy, he makes pottery and his own shampoo.

It’s a different kind of movie, the kind you could discuss for hours. Some very clever dialogue and some spastic dancing. Can go either way – love it or hate it