Posted on January 15, 2017


Sleepless – Pretending to be a dirty cop, Vincent (Jamie Foxx) is way undercover as he goes after really dirty cops. He and his partner grab 25 kilos of cocaine that belong to a casino boss (Dermot Mulroney) who promised it to a big drug family, or something like that Good cop Jennifer Bryant (Michelle Monaghan) suspects Vince of dirty dealings and is out to get him. The bad guys kidnap Vince’s son (Octavius J. Johnson) in order to get the coke back.

It’s got plenty of violence, from cutting out a tongue to twisting testicles and fights everywhere -in a restaurant kitchen, in the spa, and on the dance floor. Many cars are destroyed, including one Vince drives off the casino floor. Several funny moments, some may have not been intentional. Foxx could have more of an ego than I suspected as he was described as a “six foot tall black man.” He’s maybe 5’9″. He does some fancy fighting and some fancy driving where I couldn’t help but think “Who does he think he is…Tom Cruise?”

The ending leads you to believe there will be a sequel.