Jackie – Most of the time, Natalie Portman portrays Jackie as an angry, nasty, cold-hearted, unlikeable, effing bitch. Rarely does she come across as a sympathetic character. Most of the movie is dull and depressing; not that I’d expect a story about the assassination and funeral of a president to be a barrel of laughs. Portman is superimposed into clips from the time Jackie gave a tour of the “people’s house” on TV and then is being interviewed by a journalist (Billy Crudup) where she totally manipulates the Kennedy legacy. She appears a tad mad, a tad obsessive, a tad ditzy and speaks like she’s trying out for “Fifty Shades of Grey.” It does not portray her in a flattering light; yet old LBJ comes across as a pretty nice guy. Peter Sarsgaard plays Bobby Kennedy as lifeless and humorless. Greta Gerwig is good as Nancy, Jackie’s assistant, and John Hurt is very kind as the priest. Whoever wrote this was not a fan of Jackie. And whether she was like this character or the classy woman I thought she was, I don’t think she would be a fan of this movie.

Posted on December 31, 2016


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