Posted on December 24, 2016


Passengers – Starship Avalon is on a 120-year trip headed to another planet with 5,000 passengers scheduled to wake up shortly before arrival. Ooops, 30 years in, one of the hibernation pods malfunctions and Jim (Chris Pratt) is awake. A year later, Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) is awakened – I won’t tell you how. After exhausting all possibility of correcting the mistakes they accept their fate.
He adds a Norelco shaver head to a Roomba to ask her on their first date. They go zip lining in space, learn to dance and start enjoying their given life with a robot bartender (Martin Sheen) as their only other kind of human contact.

There are definite similarities to Gravity, just with younger stars, and a smidgen like Martian. It has some intense moments and some romantic, sexy scenes. Martin Sheen is the best robot ever.
Laurence Fishburne has a too short role as Chief Deck Officer Mancuso. Both Lawrence and Pratt have superfine faces and bodies; interestingly, they always have the perfect clothes for whatever the occasion.

I understand some of the big boy critics haven’t cared for this but I enjoyed it. Probably won’t win any awards, just a nice date movie. Didn’t like Lawrence’s sleazy bathing suit.