Manchester By The Sea

Posted on December 10, 2016


Manchester By The Sea – Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck) is a sad, unfriendly, divorced, handyman who, if accidentally bumped, will punch your face out. His older brother (Kyle Chandler) dies suddenly and his will gives guardianship of his teenage son Patrick (Lucas Hedges) to Lee. Told in a back and forth manner, you find that Lee has suffered a heartbreaking, unbearable tragedy. He’s filled with guilt and can’t really connect to anyone.

Patrick, looking like a young Prince Harry, is all self-absorbed teen and quite the ladies’ man but needs his uncle to take care of him. Ex-wife Randi (Michelle Williams) needs to share her grief with him. Patrick’s estranged mother (Gretchen Mol) and her new husband (Matthew Broderick) are very Christian.

It’s set in the beautiful fishing village of Manchester, Massachusetts, with exceptional music. Notice, too, some of the paintings on the home and office walls. There’s more than a bit of language if that bothers you. It’s about 15 minutes longer than it needs to be and the ending is probably not what most people will want. Still a very worthwhile movie.