Rules Don’t Apply

Posted on November 25, 2016


Rules Don’t Apply – In 1964 Hollywood, Howard Hughes (Warren Beatty) apparently kept starlets by the dozens on his payroll, and apparently bedded a number of them. He had a lot of rules for them and his other employees. This is the story of his later years which shows how brilliant he was and also how crazy he was. He was probably bi-polar with maybe a touch of schizophrenia.

It’s also the story of Marla Mabrey (Lily Collins),an innocent from Virginia chaperoned by protective, Baptist mom (Annette Bening); and Frank Forbes (Alden Ehrenreich) who drives Marla to the studio and to Howard’s hotel room.
Beatty is excellent in this role – too bad the story couldn’t have been a bit better and a bit shorter. Ehrenreich has a permanent frown and appears to be in pain most of the time. It’s a fun look back at the 60’s (although I think words like “swell” and “fast” were from the 40’s or 50’s) with a plethora of stars – Alec Baldwin, Matthew Broderick, still baby-faced but chubby waisted; Candice Bergen, and we won’t mention her waist; Martin Sheen, Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, Oliver Platt, and a darling little boy, Evan O’Toole.