Certain Women

Posted on November 6, 2016


Certain Women – Lawyer (Laura Dern) enjoys nooners. Client (Jared Harris) screwed by insurance company ends up with no recourse. Client breaks down. Takes cop and lawyer hostage. Releases both, she tells police where to find him.

Family camping surrounded by brown grass, bare trees, snow capped mountains. Strong wife (Michelle Williams), sullen teenager (Sara Rodier), unhappy husband. Building home, negotiate for pile of sandstone with old man (Rene Auberjonois).

In her second job, young lawyer (Kristen Stewart) is unqualified to teach school law to adults. Gently stalked by butch woman (Lily Gladstone) with a smirky shy smile and a hopeful look, and works in stable.

The end. What the….

Shades of Fargo. Toboggan with pigtails reminds one of Frances McDormand’s cap with fur-lined ear flaps. Set in Montana, wide open spaces, lots of quiet between words. Interesting.