Posted on October 28, 2016


Denial – Who knew there were people who don’t believe the holocaust actually happened. Back in the 90s, David Irving (Timothy Spall) made a career of denying it and believing Hitler was just misunderstood. He sued Professor Deborah Lipstadt (Rachel Weisz) for libel after she stated he was a racist and an extremist and demanded she give proof the holocaust happened. He said there’s no evidence. It’s not like they were taking selfies on the way to the gas chambers.

The trial takes place in Britain. Lipstadt hires Anthony Julius (Andrew Scott) who represented Princess Diana in her divorce from Charles. Julius puts together a top-notch legal team but Lipstadt doesn’t quite see eye to eye with their strategy. They don’t want to allow witnesses to testify and prefer to go with only a judge instead of a jury. When the judge (Alex Jennings) comes out in his little wig and red Santa-like robe, I thought they were done for. Barrister Richard Rampton (Tom Wilkinson) though is extremely articulate in his arguments against the intelligent, yet ignorant, Irving.

Both Weisz and Wilkinson give great performances as does Scott, Spall and others. Much of it is shot in black and white which is appropriate for the subject. It’s not a movie for everyone but I thoroughly enjoyed it.