Queen of Katwe

Posted on October 10, 2016


Queen of Katwe – Robert Katende (David Oyelowo) is a chess coach for slum kids in Katwe, Uganda. He’s caring, compassionate and cute as can be. Many of these poor kids prove to be really good at chess. Coach teaches them that chess is sort of a metaphor for life – you need to plan for what you want to achieve. Young Phiona (Madina Natwanga) has the makings of a champion. She can’t read but with Katende’s guidance, she takes the team to the country’s national tournament.
It’s interesting the class distinctions and prejudices that exist, just like everywhere else, in this small country – rich against poor, boys against girls, men against women. Brightly colored, mismatched clothes somehow work here. Lupito Nyongo’o is one tough mama. The kids are adorable – with victory dances and a finger snap & click that is way cool. It’s a good motivational movie based on a true story. Stay through the credits.