Deepwater Horizon

Posted on October 1, 2016


Deepwater Horizon – The day started off wrong. Mike Williams’ (Mark Wahlberg) precocious daughter’s class project exploded before he left for work. A BP visitor was wearing a magenta tie, very bad color for oil rigs. A bird crashed into their small plane on way out to platform. Tests showed there was a problem, but BP pushed them to continue drilling.

Then all hell broke loose. Explosion after explosion after explosion. Oil and mud geysering. Bodies propelled backwards. Shattered glass. Screams of agony. Chaos mixed with courage.
A lot of it was hard to understand. Gauges, pipes and bolts. Louisiana accents. It’s intense.

It’s the worst oil disaster in US history, spilling hundreds of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, killing 10 men and screwing up the lives of the remaining 116. It was fueled by greed. How any family member from this tragedy could watch this is beyond me. How any BP official could live with himself is even further beyond me. Two of them were indicted for manslaughter but – surprise, surprise – the charges were dismissed.