Hands of Stone

Posted on September 3, 2016


Hands of Stone – Roberto Duran (Edgar Ramirez) is the only boxer to win against Sugar Ray Leonard (Usher). He grew up on the streets of Panama, stealing food and blessed with a natural talent for boxing. He’s distrustful and defensive due to his lack of education. Maker of champions Ray Arcel (Robert DeNiro) agrees to train him for free (the Mafia will kill him if he takes money for it – really).

Ramirez does a great job of playing Duran, but I didn’t like the character. He has an oversized ego, names all his sons Roberto. He can’t get over his background so he stays angry at everyone, especially rich people even after he makes major bucks. Wife Felicidad (Ana de Armas) goes from sweet school girl to hoochie mama after giving birth to five kids. Sugar Ray is class all the way.

A couple of explicit sex scenes – you get to see quite a bit of Ramirez’s and Usher’s top notch bodies. Some good salsa music and Ray Charles singing America the Beautiful! A bit about Arcel’s estranged adopted daughter that was apparently thrown in just so DeNiro’s adopted daughter Drena DeNiro could have a part. Ellen Barkin has role of Arcel’s wife.