Kubo and The Two Strings

Posted on August 21, 2016


Kubo and The Two Strings – Kubo (Art Parkinson) plays his little guitar like Keith Urban and makes his origami paper characters come alive for his spellbound audiences. His mom (Charlize Theron) moves in and out of reality until she uses up all her strength to give Kubo a fighting chance against his evil aunts (Rooney Mara) and blind grandfather (Ralph Fiennes). Coming to his aid are a monkey named Mr. Monkey and a beetle (Matthew McConaughey) named Beetle.

It’s a beautiful story with vivid colors and spectacular scenery. It borrows from other movies – a sword like Excalibur; two wicked stepsisters, dark swirly spirits like those of the Deathly Hallows but stands well on its own. The animation is perfection. Brenda Vaccaro – I’ve loved her since she was in Midnight Cowboy – plays Kameyo, an old woman and good friend to Kubo. There’s action and emotion, great family movie although some scenes could be a bit scary for little ones.