Café Society

Posted on August 5, 2016


Café Society – It’s the 1930s and awkward, insecure Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg) wants to start his life in glamorous Hollywood. His uncle Phil Stern (Steve Carell) is a big movie mogul there and gives Bobby a job as his errand boy. Bobby falls in love with Phil’s secretary Vonnie (Kristen Stewart). A little catch – Phil and Vonnie are having an affair. Bobby moves back to his beloved New York to work at his gangster brother Ben’s (Corey Stoll) nightclub where Ben literally kills the competition.

Very Woody Allen…Scenery of beautiful California beaches, movie star mansions, the New York skyline, carriage rides in Central Park, and jazz in background. Jewish mom wonders which is worse, her son being a murderer or a Christian. Quotable line: Live every day like it’s your last and someday you’ll be right.

Not quite “Midnight in Paris” but not bad at all.