The Infiltrator

Posted on July 19, 2016


The Infiltrator – Undercover agent Robert “Bob” Mazur/Musella (Bryan Cranston) becomes real friendly with drug linchpins in order to help them launder money and eventually take them down. Based on a true story and set in 1980s Florida, it has some very intense moments. It’s a lowlife world of drugs, sleazy folks, and strip joints plus some high living with champagne, furs and pearls. Bob’s briefcase with its hidden recording device comes so very close to being discovered a couple of times. He has to convince the cartel bosses that he’s one of their kind and wants only to help them clean their millions.

It has a few cover-your-eyes scenes and at least one crazy initiation scene that I could have done without. I especially liked Benjamin Bratt as bad guy Roberto Alcaino. Olympia Dukakis has a small but perfect for her role as Aunt Vicky. John Leguizamo is gum-chewing, wise-guy Emir, and Diane Kruger is Bob’s make believe fiancée Kathy.

In the beginning, Cranston has this poorly dyed black hair apparently to make him look younger. It did not work. The ending is one of the best parts even though you know absolutely nothing is going to change anytime soon. Who knows, maybe drugs should be legalized.