Posted on July 1, 2016


The BFG – Story by Roald Dahl, directed by Steven Spielberg. Young Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) gets abducted from an orphanage by a giant who is the teeniest in a land of very big bad giants. Mark Rylance is the Big Friendly Giant and he’s wonderful. His eyes are so expressive and when his face breaks into a huge grin, it’s like pure sunshine. He mangles words and phrases: frozzle frumps, fizz wizards, human beans, and a month of Mondays. He can make you dream what you want to dream.

The technology is great especially in the small and large sizing match-ups. Fun scene where the BFG enjoys his first real food with the queen (Penelope Wilton). It wasn’t quite as magical as I had hoped and I didn’t totally get what the BFD was about the giants spending so much time trying to eat this one tiny girl. Sort of like me wasting two weeks to get one M&M. But a good family movie for the holiday.

Posted in: Animated, July 2016