Papa: Hemingway in Cuba

Posted on May 1, 2016


Papa: Hemingway in Cuba – This is the true account of a young reporter, Eddie Myers “kid” (Giovanni Ribisi), who idolized Hemingway (Adrian Sparks) and became friends with him and his fourth wife, Mary (Joely Richardson). It takes place in Havana with the white sandy beaches and blue/green water during the Battista and Castro regimes. Did Papa know a major secret about J. Edgar Hoover; was he a gun runner?

Hemingway inherited suicidal tendencies while Mary inherited bitchiness. He lived a big life and embellished it in his stories. Mary’s agenda ranged from caring wife to competing braggart.

It’s a good story but most of the acting sucks. It felt very forced. Ribisi has a perpetual squint as if he’s concentrating really hard. I think he looked the same way when he was Ralph on My Name Is Earl. Hem does do drunk well though. Granddaughter Mariel Hemingway has a cameo appearance. You may get an itch to go to Cuba. Good music. Food and liquor looked good, too.