A Hologram For The King

Posted on April 29, 2016


A Hologram For The King – The reason you probably haven’t heard much about this Tom Hanks’ movie is that it’s not very good. Hanks plays Alan Clay, an IT salesman sent to Saudi Arabia to sell a holographic teleconference system. He’s given a major runaround and ends up staying a lot longer than expected. One of the best parts is the taxi driver (Alexander Black) who’s afraid his van is going to be bombed by a jealous husband. Oh, and there’s an exit sign for non-Muslims on the highway.

The whole thing sort of goes in a couple different directions. There’s some totally unnecessary blood and vomit. Tom Skerritt has a tiny role as Alan’s dad. I think there’s supposed to be a message in it; whether it’s that you can change your life at any stage or don’t trust the Chinese, I’m not sure.