Miles Ahead

Posted on April 23, 2016


Miles Ahead – I’ve long been a fan of Don Cheadle and this is his best film yet. In the bio of legendary Miles Davis, Cheadle stars and directs. The story shifts from the time Davis is at the top of his game to when he is a junkie on the bottom of the heap. The scene changes are jarringly abrupt, giving a hard edge to the overall feel.

Davis doesn’t like the term jazz; he prefers to call it social music. Crazed by drugs, the highly talented musician brushes his teeth with cocaine. His marriage to wife Frances (Emayatzy Corinealdi) descends into a possessive, volatile relationship. Ewan McGregor is a Rolling Stones reporter just trying to get an interview with Davis and ends up with a whole lot more.

It may not be the best movie, but the acting and directing are superb. Hopefully, that makes sense. See you at the Oscars, Mr. Cheadle.