Eye In The Sky

Posted on April 1, 2016


Eye In The Sky – In Nairobi, Colonel Powell (Helen Mirren) is about to capture numbers 4 and 5 on the top wanted terrorists list when a beetle drone shows there are two suicide bombers with them getting ready to blast a shopping mall. Powell wants to change to a kill mission. No one in authority is willing to give the go ahead because there’s a little girl (Aisha Takow) selling
bread* right outside the targeted house. They have to decide if saving the lives of an estimated 80 civilians outweighs possibly killing one sweet little child. Faced with a very difficult decision, the tough Colonel is not above fudging the data to do what she sees as the only way.

It’s very intense and has an excellent cast including Alan Rickman, Aaron Paul, Jeremy Northam, Richard McCabe, Gavin Hood, Bahou Ceesay and Barkhad Abdi – remember he was nominated for an Academy Award in Captain Phillips for just saying “Look at me” several times.

*The buyers didn’t seem to mind that the bread was unwrapped and the girl kept putting her hands all over it.